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Monday, November 14, 2011

'Great Guy' Raman Huria dies in Car Crash - Gadarpur

Raman Huria belongs to one of the prestigious families in Gadarpur. This happen on 11 november 2011 at 1.30 pm afternoon, when Raman was driving back home with his friend in Swift Car, near Jafarpur he lost the balance of car, Due to which it hitted a long truck, And car get crashed, Raman was stuck wid the steering of the car, which make him unable to move, the guy sitting next to him got serious injuries too..and transferred to hospital by 108 ambulance, As people reached there and help Raman to get released from the steering he died on the spot..That was tragic, As i am friend of Rajat n seen raman when he was too small..but really i was too depressed by this..And I know the pain of loosing a member of Family.May God bless his soul..and give his family, strength to overcome this hard time.

Its my humble requests to all parents please avoid providing your young kids, these heavy vehicles, N guys please drive slow. Parents are waiting at home..don't make them waiting forever.

Car accident was like this, as witnessed by people...this is not a original photo of accident


Saturday, February 26, 2011

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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Monday, October 4, 2010

Gadarpur-simply best

Gadarpur is a holiday spot that has some pretty lucrative joints. It happens to be the great city in Uttarakhand and in addition is said to be the veritable hub of businesses in UK. This city is perhaps one of the best places for loosening up.

Gadarpur forms a portion of the area that is included with two more cities like rudrapur city, kashipur City. Interestingly, it coincides with the tour routes of kashipur and rudrapur. Discover a unique lifestyle in gadarpur. The gadarpur center of business lies within this city and houses a huge variety of offices, companies, which offer an assortment of services. The domestic airport are located here in Panthnagar. Pubs, bars, malls, eating joints offering the choicest of cuisines, night clubs, cabaret and cafe joints are also dotted near to this city. A lot of libraries are open to everyone, with excellent vistas and outdoor spaces to be enjoyed.

A delight by the name of Recreational Activities Gadarpur provides for a lot of entertainment and excellent time pass which will give you a kick, but not to your wallet! Sports include golfing, cricket, rugby or trekking. You can rappel and abseil if you are interested in slightly extreme sports and enjoy the panoramic view of the stunning mountains. No other place matches up to the excellence and services provided in Gadarpur. The numerous sea fronts and beaches are simply gorgeous. You can explore any or every one of the twenty eight beaches and indulge in variety a of water sports like sailing, surfing, swimming, fishing or playing. Good news is that it's all free!!

Gadarpur really is an amazing city to visit on holiday and one of the best ways to stay here is by renting holiday home accommodation. By staying in a holiday home in Gadarpur allows you to explore this beautiful city.

This article is provided by Daksh Sachdeva, a guy from Gadarpur.

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Gadarpur City facts

Things you Must Do in Gadarpur
visit gulourbhoj dam, its like juhu beach..vast area a covered with blue water...u can do boating and in addition to it there is a forest connecting this dam u can go for terraking there but beware of wild animals...

Best about Gadarpur city?

Gadarpur city is a town on road connecting naintal and u will find peace..

Best Walk in Gadarpur

In Gadarpur People go to bed appox 9 pm so the walk time starts after 9 vacant roads, chilled air, u can enjoy food during your u will find it at every corner.

Best Restaurants
if u want to meet your body in Gadarpur the 2 places will be awesome for food Ashoka and madhuban...

Best Music/Festival
for small picnics and fun u can visit fun park, music 24*7 plays here...swimming pool, snooker table all these u will get here.

Best Nightlife
as there are no nightclubs u can go to mitran di hatti and can see punjabi dance and culture...

Best Day Trip Out of the City

Gulourbhoj will be best day out there.

Something that not many tourists would know about

there are no hotels....u can get them at rudrapur..